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IT Solutions

Take your company’s IT to the Next Level!

Don’t wait on less skilled technicians to fix your issues…

Resolve your problems faster with T3 Support!

Cloud Based

We use 100% redundant cloud based platforms that are available from anywhere.

Best Tools

T3 continuously researches and implements the most effective tools available.


Here at T3 we choose to take a proactive approach vs most MSP's reactive approach.

Local Technicians

Dedicated local technicians that are ready to help.

What we do:

Managed Services — Complete management of your company’s IT

Cloud Servers — Cloud based servers you can connect to from anywhere

Cloud Phone Systems (VoIP) — Cloud based phone systems that work anywhere

Cloud Backup — Keep your data secure and backed up to the cloud

Office 365 — Office 365 exchange based email and Office 365 software

Office 365 Cloud Backup/Archiving — Keep your Office 365 exchange data backed up to the cloud

End Point Security — Next generation end point anti-virus with advanced ransomware protection

Email Security — Email spam filtering and sandboxing with attachment sandboxing

Email Encryption — Send secure encrypted emails to your customers/clients and fellow staff

Email Security Audits — Send email security audits testing your staffs security awareness

Network Security — Secure your company’s network and internet

Network Evaluations — Check your network’s security and performance

Remote VPN Access — Secure remote VPN access to your office

IP Security Camera Systems — Security camera systems you can view from anywhere on any device

IT Consulting — IT consulting services that will guide you to the right path

We are a new type of MSP...

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

We Can Help Your Company Today!

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